13 September 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Make a wish...

Off to storytime with my girl, but not before receiving a beautiful bouquet of roses from a dear friend for my birthday.

And tonight we've got a pizza party with my BFF's family. The Wilson Family dinner is tomorrow night.

I'll post a picture of the crazy feather yarn during naptime. Promise!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kathleen! Sounds as if you are celebrating appropriately ... ;-)

    Beautiful flowers, btw.

    And oh that Isobel - so cute I cannot bear it!

  2. Hey Birthday Girl! I knew there was a reason you are on my mind today! Happy, happy Birthday. Wishing you much happiness and good knitting! XXOO for Isobel too.

  3. Happy Birthday, indeed! Lovely flowers, and lovely Isobel. Hope it's a great day.

  4. Happy day to you! I can't believe how big Isobel's gotten... are are those from your FRIEND?
    Hope to hear from you soon - be well, and enjoy your day!

  5. Happy birthday! She's adorable, and the roses are beautiful.

  6. Oh, and look at you! you look 3 years old! What a beauty... Both of you...


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