26 July 2007

Love, Actually

Marissa, you were totally right! What a sweet movie. I definitely recommend Love, Actually. My mom objected to the nudity and some of the language, but I didn't really mind. And I'm quite fond of just about everyone in the movie.

And I actually love Icarus. I'm halfway through the last chart (yay!) and hope to be blocking this baby by the weekend. It is a great pattern. And working it reinforced my idea that lace isn't as hard as some people fear, especially if you concentrate on the row at hand. I know I was kvetching about the knit stitches in the purl-back rows (evens), but they really ensure that you've done everything properly on the knit side. If you have a copy of Interweave Knits, be sure to check out the errata on Miriam's blog - it's not on IK's site, as Miriam says it's optional. I have a few rows to get to the errata, so I can't say how it makes a difference, but I'm sure it does.

And love plays a prominent role in the last Harry Potter book, which I bought on Saturday and finished on Monday. I enjoyed it immensely.

Love you all, actually!


  1. I remember we went to see "Love, Actually" in the theater, and everyone I knew said, "Ew, you saw THAT??"

    Most of those same people were singing a different tune when they finally saw it on DVD ...

  2. I am so glad you're loving again!!! :)

    I liked Love, Actually too. I liked it a lot!

  3. I'm finally catching up on blogs here, hope everything's okay with you.

    I loved Love, Actually too, one of my favorite movies.


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