29 May 2007

FO: Flower Basket Shawl



Do you see the flower basket?

Girls modeling their shawls.

Remember when I started this one? Well, I finished it up last week and still have about half a skein of yarn. It was a nice knit. I had some problems with the repeats, though that was my problem not the pattern's. And it was pretty easy to find mistakes (usually I forgot to PSSO), and I couldn't go further if I'd made a mistake, so I never had to tink back more than two rows (it's a stockinette pattern, so every other row is purl). The BMFA Seduction yarn is very nice, though I can't imagine making socks with it! I'm sure they would be lovely, though.

I'm working on a top-down raglan sweater now with some 100purewool merino in Sky Blue (or something - it looks like they've gone to a number-based name system). I've just finished the body (I think - not completely sure it's long enough). Now it's sleeve city, sister. The yarn is so soft. I'll try to take a pic tomorrow, perhaps while it's still in the sleeveless tunic stage for fun.

Isobel and I are doing well, though it's not easy.


  1. Gorgeous! I am so intrigued by lace shawls at the moment, I am feeling the need to start one soon (having Victorian Lace Today lying around isn't helping!) Now this isn't meant to sound rude but do you wear yours? How do you wear it? With a shawl pin, etc? I can't get my head around what I would do with a shawl, even though it would be fun to make and look at.


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